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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.
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Got a question about filing with FreedomFiler? We've got answers. Browse through some of the most popular questions below.

Top Questions

  1. How do I decide between the 1/5 and 1/3 home kits?
  2. Where can I get more blank labels?
  3. Should I use manila or colored interior folders?
  4. Can I get larger, 1/3 cut labels to fit interior folders?
  5. Why use stickers instead of paper inserts?
  6. What is the purpose of EVEN & ODD YEAR labels?
  7. EVEN/ODD YEAR seems a little odd. I'd prefer to see the actual year. Can I do that?
  8. Do I need a separate filing system for my home business?
  9. What if I prefer not to separate my Permanent, Remove/Replace, and Resource Files?
  10. What if I receive statements and bills online?
  11. How do I manage the many papers I receive from my credit card company?
  12. What should I do with inheritance papers?*
  13. Where should I file the numerous papers related to a lawsuit, claim, or family legal proceeding?*
  14. Why should I file documents by month?
  15. What if I prefer not to file bills and statements by month?
  16. What if I don't have room for 24 month folders?
  17. Is it safe to throw away old bills and account statements in Monthly folders after two years?*
  18. Why are there two shades of blue Tax labels?
  19. After taxes, how can I fit all my tax documents for the entire year into one Tax Archive folder?
  20. What documents should I set aside for taxes?
  21. Should I file bank statements in the tax section or into a month folder?*
  22. What if I don't know in advance what documents I will need for taxes?
  23. Which Tax labels do I need for my home business?
  24. Where do I file a receipt for an item with a warranty such as a copier that is also tax deductible for my home business? Should I file it into the Permanent or Tax section?
  25. Is it safe to throw away tax documents after ten years?*
  26. Are Permanent records really kept forever?

  27. How do I prevent Permanent files from becoming overcrowded?
  28. Why are warranties filed in a Permanent folder given that they may expire?
  29. Do I have to save each stock purchase receipt in a Permanent file?
  30. Should some Permanent files be stored in a safe deposit box?*
  31. Is it safe to throw away old insurance policies?*
  32. What should I do when I receive policy addenda or updated declarations?
  33. Why are the purple resource labels optional?
  34. How do I prevent my Resource files from becoming overcrowded?
  35. Should I file active papers by category or by date?
  36. Does FreedomFiler have a mechanical arm? How can it be "self-purging?"
  37. Does FreedomFiler's color-coding force me to decide how long I will keep each document before I file it? Isn't that more work?
  38. Can I expand the FreedomFiler?
  39. Can I customize the FreedomFiler?
  40. Does the FreedomFiler come with file folders and a container?
  41. What supplies do I need to use my FreedomFiler?
  42. Do I have to buy different folder colors?
  43. Do I need manila or color-coded interior folders?
  44. Do I have to go through all of my pre-existing files to start using my FreedomFiler?
  45. How much time is required to set up my filing system?
  46. Will I receive technical support?
  47. How do I file investment papers?

  48. How do I purchase the dedicated business edition?

  49. How do I use FreedomFiler for business filing?
  50. I have many ongoing project files cluttering my desk. Should project files be labeled ACTIVE or RESOURCE? How do I manage these types of files as my priorities change?

  51. Where do I file retirement portfolio quarterly statements?

  52. Can I get a free sample of a FreedomFiler kit to try out for myself or a client?

  53. Can I purchase FreedomFiler in my local area?
  54. Do I have to spread out my hanging file tabs into the five positions or can I put them into a straight line?

  55. Do you offer legal size file folders?

  56. Do you sell the rolling metal file cart in the photo?

  57. Does FreedomFiler provide more than financial files? What about filing notes, literature, inspirational items, plus memorabilia and lists (e.g. groceries/errands)?

  58. FreedomFiler label kits seem expensive for labels and instructions.  Why does it cost that much?

  59. How can I be trained as a FreedomFiler Certified Consultant?

  60. How can I install a FreedomFiler affiliate link on my website to earn commissions?

  61. How do I access the business label templates online?

  62. How do I organize client files?

  63. What is the difference between Smead and Pendaflex folders?

  64. What should I use to demonstrate the FreedomFiler system? Are there any free demonstration kits for consultants?

  65. When are commission checks paid to FreedomFiler affiliates?
  66. When is the next FreedomFiler Certification training in my area?

  67. Where can I find disaster preparedness information?

  68. Where do I file investment prospectuses and reports?

  69. Where do I file paystubs?

  70. Where should I file paycheck stubs?

  71. Where should medical explanation of benefits be filed?
  72. Why are "ACTIVE" labels gray instead of bright yellow?

  73. Why doesn't my business name appear on FreedomFiler's website under AFFILIATES & STORES?

  74. Does FreedomFiler come with an index of what papers to file and what not to file in any folder?

  75. I can't print on the bottom row of labels using the label template! When I count labels from the bottom row, my printing is off by one row! What's going on?

  76. I can't see which label I am typing onto when using the label printing template! How do I turn on gridlines in Microsoft Word?

  77. I get an error message when printing labels from the Microsoft Word Template. What should I do?

  78. Is there a learning curve to switch to FreedomFiler from a traditional filing system?

  79. It is possible to use the Freedom Filer home filing system without using hanging file folders? My filing cabinet doesn’t allow room for the hanging file tabs.

  80. My file drawers are for legal size folders. Do you have a pre organized system in that size?

  81. Should I file statements in month files according to the end date, due date, or whenever the payment is made?

  82. What font and size are used to print 1/5 cut FreedomFiler labels?

  83. Where do I file COBRA policy and set-up confirmation papers after completed?

  84. Where do I file completed paperwork and confirmations of my 401K/IRA rollover?

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