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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.

Paper is -- and always has been -- my nemesis. I am enamored by your product because, for the first time, I have papers put away in files rather than piles. As an out-of-sight-out-of-mind paper packrat, I am overjoyed by the simplicity of your system. I feel like I can finally be like other people who have this problem licked!
—Christy Underwood,
Former Paper Packrat,
Kansas City MO US

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FreedomFiler has a growing foundation of affiliates throughout the United States and overseas. We are looking for qualified professional consultants, web publishers, and retailers who believe in our company's mission and have established the credibility to recommend FreedomFiler products to their customers.
To find out more about our affiliate program please read the information provided below or click here to submit an affiliate application.

In A Nutshell What Affiliates Do
FreedomFiler affiliates can purchase at wholesale prices and receive commissions by referring customers to FreedomFiler. Affiliates also have the option of training to become FreedomFiler Certified Consultants.

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For whom is the program intended?
Who can qualify?
Up To 15% Commissions
How are commissions tracked?
Which affiliate profile matches you best?
Easy online sign up
Checklist of ways to earn commissions
Reselling, Receiving Payments Directly From Clients
Certification Program

For whom is the program intended?
• Professional organizers and consultants
• Tax preparers, accountants, and financial advisors
• Web publishers & online content providers including newsletters
• Public speakers and writers in the media

Who Can Qualify?
• Any professional organizer with a registered business name or website, or membership in a relevant professional association
• Any licensed consultant, advisor, or counselor such as: CPA, CFP, certified tax preparer, MFCC, or equivalent
• Any web publisher can be eligible; however, FreedomFiler reserves the right to deny web publishers based on content
• Any public speaker or published author in the field of organization, finance, or personal peak-performance

Affiliate Pricing

Affiliates automatically receive preferential pricing in addition to credits, based upon the total amount of purchases made over time. Affiliates can obtain wholesale prices by purchasing higher quantity OR by making several small quantity purchases and building credits—the end result is the same. By request, FreedomFiler's stair-step purchase plan was created to make wholesale pricing available to affiliates without requiring high volume purchase decisions to be made upfront. Thanks to this program, affiliates do not need to be concerned with keeping inventory.


Stair-Step Pricing For FreedomFiler Home 1/5 Filing Kit
Total Purchases Over Time

1 Kit

2 Kits
Promotion To Courtesy Level
10 Kits
Promotion To Preferred Level
50 Kits
Promotion To Wholesale Level
Retail $29.95 No Resale Profit -> $10 Credit*    
Courtesy $25 Profit Per Kit = $5 -> $50 Credit*  
Preferred $20 Profit Per Kit = $10 -> $250 Credit*
Wholesale $15 Profit Per Kit = $15

*After each promotion to the next price level, affiliates receive full credit toward future purchases in the amounts shown. You can purchase 50 kits all at once or over time, the total price paid per kit will be the same in the end.

Affiliate Pricing Levels
Your pricing level is determined by the total amount of purchases you have made. You will receive credits toward future purchases as you progress to each new pricing level.

• Retail (Level 0): total purchases under $50
• Courtesy (Level 1): after total purchases reach $50
• Preferred (Level 2): after total purchases reach $250
• Wholesale (Level 3): after total purchases reach $1000

Example Of How Credit Works

With accumulative credits, you will eventually pay the same price per kit whether you buy 10 kits all at once or if you buy the ten kits one at a time. For example, as a Level 1 affiliate, each time you purchase a single kit at the courtesy $25 price you receive $5 credit toward Level 2 (preferred) and also $5 credit toward Level 3 (wholesale). Once your total purchases reach $250, your Level 2 credits are made available to you so that in the end you have only paid $20 per item, not $25. Likewise, after $1000 of purchases, your level 3 credits will be made available to you so that ultimately you have paid only $15.00 per kit as you continue to purchase products. Note: Keep in mind that you may save a small amount of money on shipping by purchasing higher volume upfront rather than paying for individual packages to be sent.

Up To 15% Commissions
Up to 15% commissions are earned whenever an affiliate refers a customer to FreedomFiler and a purchase is made. FreedomFiler processes and fulfills the order. FreedomFiler currently awards a 15% commission for the purchase of any label kit by first-time customers when referred by an affiliate. The commission earned from any other product such as a Ready-Made System is currently 10%.

% Commissions For Reorders Versus First-Time Purchases

  First-Time Purchase Reorders, registered customers only
Filing Kits 15% 10%
Ready-Made Systems 10% 10%

Note: all commissions are a percent of gross sales before tax and shipping. Commission percents are determined by FreedomFiler and are subject to change at any time.

How Are Commissions Tracked?

1. Online Links

By placing a link to from your website, newsletter, or email, you will automatically receive commissions on orders placed by customers arriving through your link. FreedomFiler will provide attractive banners, advertisements in various sizes for you to use. Standard text-based links are also available for use in email footers or newsletters. Your online link contains your unique affiliate ID so that FreedomFiler will know when customers arrive through your link to make purchases.

2. Customer survey: How did you hear about us?

Customers are asked “How did you hear about us?” whether ordering online, by telephone, or in person. You will receive commission for any sales resulting from a referral you made. A customer may indicate your name or choose you from a list of affiliates located in the customer’s same area. If you are a spokesperson or writer in the media, your media event will be posted on the “how did you hear about us?” questionnaire in a dedicated list.

3. Manual ID# entry on order form

If you are assisting another person with an order, your unique affiliate ID number can be entered directly into the online order form.

4. Coupon Codes

FreedomFiler will provide you with a unique coupon code to encourage sales and to guarantee that purchases made with the coupon code result in commissions to your account.** Your coupon code can be given to a client in situations where you can not otherwise guarantee that a client will go through your online link to purchase FreedomFiler products. Again, this will ensure that you receive commissions for the referrals you make.

**Please Note : To ensure fairness to all affiliates, coupon codes may not be posted anywhere on the world-wide-web as per the affiliate contract.

5. Reorders

FreedomFiler is currently offering 10% commissions to affiliates for sales completed by any registered customer (referred by the affiliate) who returns to FreedomFiler to make additional purchases. Any customer referred by an affiliate who has purchased in the past but has not registered with FreedomFiler may still do so at any time by clicking on "Help Desk" and then following instructions for creating a new password. Thereafter, any purchases made by the registered customer will earn commissions for the affiliate.

Affiliate Profiles—Which Affiliate Profile Matches You Best?

Website or Newsletter Publishers

Do you provide online content for home organizing, financial services, time management, or personal peak performance? FreedomFiler’sis the ideal content piece that will provide your readers with a permanent solution the #1 organizing problem in the home: paper management. Paper management is a persistent, nagging problem for which many people are desperate to discover a real, lasting solution. The FreedomFiler Home Filing Kit has demonstrated an unusually high sales conversion rate during exhibits and one-on-one demonstrations. FreedomFiler . You may include text-based links to FreedomFiler in the tips section of your website or newsletter, or use FreedomFiler’s attractive banner advertisements.

Professional Organizers & Consultants

Simply put, the FreedomFiler is a remarkably effective way to attract clients and deliver exceptional value through your services, by helping you do what you do best... organize! Since the founding of the company, FreedomFiler has worked with professional organizers to refine and test the self-purging filing system. The result is a system designed specifically with you in mind. FreedomFiler is dedicated to advancing the best practices knowledge of the organizing community. Therefore it is our policy to provide free educational resources through our website or via teleconferences. We are committed to making these resources comprehensive and readily accessible to everyone.

In response to requests from professional organizers, FreedomFiler has developed a certification program. This training program will solidify for your mastery of the FreedomFiler maintenance-free paper-flow system, and will add credibility to your business while furthering opportunities for exposure. FreedomFiler is quickly building an outstanding track record and gaining rave reviews amongst professional organizers. In turn, we are confident that you will also find FreedomFiler an indispensable tool in the process of transforming your client’s relationship to paper management. We hope you will join our rapidly growing community of professionals who are have also made FreedomFiler their filing system of choice!

Tax Preparers, Accountants, And Financial Advisors

As a tax preparer or financial advisor, your customers will look to you for guidance in organizing paper records for the home. You may have seen or you may use various tax organizing products: the standard product is a binder with pre-labeled categories for sorting tax related documents for any given year. Aside from limited customization, the problem with the tax binder approach is that you are offering your client only a partial solution but do not allow the client to see the larger picture of how to organize all household files, including regular bills, receipts, policies and the like. It’s critically important to integrate the filing of tax documents into your client’s day-to-day paper flow system, otherwise the binder will only be an afterthought when preparing for taxes each year. The tax binder system may be used in conjunction with a proper home filing system, but it will never replace a single centralized system of hanging files for storing all papers that come into the home. Keep in mind that a good hanging file system for all transactions, both tax and non-tax related, will provide for your clients a superior overall feeling of organization and dramatically increase productivity. Best of all, your clients will be confident that the FreedomFiler system will maintain itself over time and therefore can be consistently relied upon, without creating any unnecessary work for the client. FreedomFiler is a solution that your clients will use regularly if not on a daily basis for the rest of their life! It’s a fantastic way to build a lasting client relationship, further your credibility, and increase customer loyalty.

Public Speakers and Writers In The Media

Organizing and paper management is a subject in which the public is in desperate need for specific, practical advice. The FreedomFiler system is an opportunity to shed light on a topic for which there has been much misinformation and general advice of little practical value. FreedomFiler’s bold claim backed by a revolutionary system provides a fantastic opportunity to win public interest and deliver new, groundbreaking content. Affiliates in the public eye can direct their audience to their own website or to the FreedomFiler website to make product purchases. Specific media events are listed on the FreedomFiler website during check out. Customers are asked to indicate from which media event or source they heard about FreedomFiler when purchasing. Commissions are tracked accordingly.

Easy Online Sign Up
If you have not done so already, please first register with FreedomFiler and be sure to include your billing address where you would like to receive commission checks (and also create a password for your account). If you have already registered, you may then submit an online request to become an affiliate. You will use your password to make discount purchases online, and also to review your account and commissions history. You will be provided with a graphic web link that you can install onto your website, earning commissions on sales generated. If you have a sign up code, your affiliate membership will be granted immediately; otherwise, membership will be granted after review (please allow up to 48 hours).

Checklist Of Ways To Earn Commissions

Website Link

Post a link to FreedomFiler on your website. Your website link contains your unique affiliate ID so that FreedomFiler knows when customers have arrived through your link to make purchases.

Online Newsletters

If you publish an online newsletter, you can include filing tips and information about FreedomFiler along with a link to the FreedomFiler website. Your newsletter link will contain your unique affiliate ID so that FreedomFiler knows when customers arrive through your link to make purchases.

Email Footer

Want an easy way to let friends and collogues know about the FreedomFiler? Consider placing a standard message at the bottom of your emails that includes your personal invitation and link to the FreedomFiler website. Many email programs will allow you to add this footer automatically to the bottom of your email messages—also known as a "signature" line.

Public Speaking & Media Events

When addressing the public, you may refer the audience to your website where you have posted a link to for purchasing products. You may also refer customers directly to but be sure to post your media event on the FreedomFiler website by first contacting FreedomFiler. This will allow customers making purchases to identify you in the “how did you hear about us?” questionnaire. To help guarantee that customers provide evidence of your referral, you may offer your unique coupon code at your media event.

Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards

On each of your promotional materials, be sure to refer your potential customers to your website where they can purchase FreedomFiler products by following your link to If you do not have a website, it is best to have clients contact you directly so you can assist them with placing an order, or you may offer your unique coupon code to ensure that any purchases will add commissions to your affiliate account. Alternatively, clients who go directly to and make purchases may still identify you as the affiliate who has made the referral. You can simply ask clients to type in your name or select your name from a list during check out, using the “how did you hear about us?” questionnaire. The other option is to resell products directly to the client (see reselling below)

Networking, Social Events, Word-Of-Mouth

The best part about promoting the FreedomFiler is that everyone wants one! If you tell others about FreedomFiler, consider offering your business card with your website address. If you do not have a website or if you tell anyone to visit directly, ask the person to mention you when filling out the “how did you hear about us?” questionnaire during check out. Of course you can always provide you unique coupon code to potential customers to be sure your referral is known.

Reselling, Receiving Payments Directly From Clients

Re-selling is different that earning commissions because you must first purchase products from FreedomFiler yourself and then handle the sales transaction with the client. If you resell to customers as a regular part of your business, consider obtaining a tax-free reseller ID from your state board of equalization. As a reseller, this ID will allow you to purchase from FreedomFiler without paying tax on purchases. In turn, you will charge tax when selling to clients and give the tax revenue to your state board of equalization. FreedomFiler does provide drop shipping to customers via the online affiliate order form. For affiliate pricing information, click here.

Please click here to sign up as an affiliate.

Certification Program
FreedomFiler's certification program has been born in response to requests made by members of the professional organizing community. The certification program does not replace the certification granted by BCPO® (Board of Certified Professional Organizers), but is designed to compliment it.


FreedomFiler certification requires a 1-year minimum of professional organizing experience (or demonstration of equivalent work experience). Consultants may waive the 1-year requirement by completing an approved third party general training program. Please contact Clear & Simple™ for professional organizer training and to become Clear & SIMPLE Certified™.


Certification Classes

Benefits of Certification Classes
Gain an in-depth understanding of the FreedomFiler maintenance-free paper-flow strategy and how to set up a FreedomFiler system for your clients. Add credibility to your business by using the FreedomFiler® certification logo on business cards and promotional materials. Receive customer referrals from the FreedomFiler website, and from other FreedomFiler affiliates such as tax preparers, financial advisors, accountants and bookkeepers. As a certified consultant you will immediately begin receiving wholesale prices on FreedomFiler products regardless of volume purchased. Ultimately you will deliver better value to your clients, improve your professionalism, and expand your practice. The training reservation includes three FreedomFiler Deluxe Home Filing Kits and recommended supplies for use as a FreedomFiler consultant (over $100 in retail value). Class size is limited to twelve participants. Trainings are generally conducted by two FreedomFiler Authorized Trainers to ensure that quality time is spent with each participant.

Fees for Classes
$300* includes a reservation for the next available training class and enrollment in the certification program, plus over $100 in FreedomFiler products and additional supplies. Fees are applied toward final certification (see summary of fees below).

*Note: all fees may vary according to the prices set by the local trainer. Many factors can affect the price of trainings such as the venue, added supplies, additional consultations, or if meals are included, for example.

How To Train
FreedomFiler training class information is posted regularly online. Please see Upcoming Trainings below for details. FreedomFiler may set up a certification class in your local city based upon the number of requests from individual organizers located in the surrounding area. Please email FreedomFiler if you are interested in attending a FreedomFiler training workshop in your city or a nearby location. You may jump start your training by studying the Questions and Answers booklet included with the FreedomFiler Deluxe System as well as the other instructional materials included with the kit.

Teleconference Follow-Up Trainings, Verbal Presentations, & Written Self-Examination

Benefits of Verbal Presentations
Practice your presentation of the FreedomFiler paper-flow system that you will give to clients and at public speaking events. Refine your responses to frequently asked questions.

You will give a verbal presentation and receive coaching by the founder, Seth Odam, before receiving your certification. If additional coaching is required, the verbal presentation may be repeated.

Benefits of Written Self-Examination
Demonstrate your mastery of the FreedomFiler maintenance-free paper-flow system by exploring the questions on the written self-examination and the first-hand research worksheet. FreedomFiler will provide telephone (or teleconference) support and will arrange for individual coaching on an as-needed basis to ensure that you complete the written and verbal examinations.

Fees For Teleconference Support, Verbal & Written Examination Review
$200* or $150* fast-track pricing (the fast-track sets a 3 month target date for completion and keeps you together with other participants in your class who also sign up within one week of taking the course, recommended)
(note: the $300* certification enrollment fee must have been paid previously).

*Note: all fees may vary according to the prices set by the local trainer. Many factors can affect the price of trainings such as the venue, added supplies, additional consultations, or if meals are included, for example.

Certification Completion and Agreement

Benefits Of Completing Certification
- Added credibility for your business by using FreedomFiler certification logo on business cards and promotional materials.
- Certification badge.
- Eligibility for receiving customer referrals from the FreedomFiler website, and from other FreedomFiler affiliates such as tax preparers, financial advisors, accountants and bookkeepers.

Final Certification
Certification is granted upon completion of your training checklist including all written assignments, verbal examination, and practice presentations performed. Your certification checklist may be completed on an individual basis within three months of attending a training class (for fast-track participants).

A certification agreement will be signed which includes a pledge on your part to uphold ethical standards and to be informed regarding best practices. FreedomFiler certification requires a registered business name or website, or membership in a relevant professional association. The certification contract extends for three years, upon which the certification must be renewed by performing an updated verbal presentation or by submitting a brief written self-examination covering current best organizing practices. Certification renewal fees are currently $150. RENEWAL FEES ARE WAIVED if more than 25 FreedomFiler systems are transacted through the affiliate account during the preceding three year period.

Summary Of Certification Fees

$300* Class Reservation And Certification Enrollment (3 FREE KITS)**
$200* Follow-Up Tele-class Training, Verbal Presentations & Written Examinations
$500* Total ($450 Fast-Track)

SAVE $50*, Ask about our fast-track program

**Refer a friend! An additional 15% discount is awarded for any two or more colleagues who sign up together!*

*Note: all fees may vary according to the prices set by the local trainer. Many factors can affect the price of trainings such as the venue, added supplies, additional consultations, or if meals are included, for example.

Upcoming Trainings

(Additional Trainings To Be Announced)


Your training made the FreedomFiler come alive! For me it was the difference between reading a recipe and preparing it alone in your kitchen or being with Rachael Ray on the Food Network! When things are demonstrated to you it is so much more engaging. I love my FreedomFiler and it was energizing to be in a room filled with people who felt the same way. I also loved doing the presentations in the Expo. It helped me gain confidence working alongside you and Liz. Thanks again to you and Liz for making me feel so welcome into the FreedomFiler community. I'm looking forward to this new chapter of knowledge, friendships and opportunity in my organizing business. I have never endorsed a product before but I feel that this system is life changing. I would highly recommend the training program to anyone who is considering the FreedomFiler certification.
—Karen DeClark, KD Organizing, Sterling Heights MI

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the FreedomFiler certification class. Seth and Liz were able to present the information about the system in a way that made it clear and easy to understand, and at the same time gave insight into the depth and brilliance of the system. As one of Liz's clients said, "The guy who invented this was using both sides of his brain when he created it." Freedom Filer is intelligent, creative, and effective. I am excited to join the FreedomFiler community and begin offering this amazing system to my clients.

—Barbara Browning, Order Within, Arcata CA

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For further questions regarding the certification program or to submit a request for a class in your local area please email FreedomFiler or call 1-866-55-FILER.

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